When Ridge named Thomas Forrester interim CEO of Forrester, a jealous Rick claimed Thomas pushed him out a window. Steffy admits to only Thomas that she remembers hitting Aly with a tire iron and that Aly didn't slip and fall. They share a kiss, but Thomas reminds Liam that he's married to Steffy, his sister. The morning after Thomas and Hope's unsuccessful wedding night, Thomas received a phone call from Flo, further expressing her disgust towards the marriage. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) looks noticeably different. They all made an agreement if Caroline's contributions for Hope For The Future don't work out Rick will be replaced. Hope becomes attracted to Thomas, despite her still lingering feelings for Liam. has hosted hundreds of residents from many countries. When they drive back, they find Steffy laying on the ground unconscious after her ATV crashed. Ridge and Steffy are likely very worried. Caroline confides in the doctor that the child may not be her husband's, but a man she was with on a one night stand the night Ridge broke up with her. During the party, Wyatt steps outside after hearing his car was playfully vandalized by a coworker, leaving Ivy alone with Thomas. Thomas couldn't help but laugh when Sally started a food fight with Steffy; when Sally thought Thomas was insulting her designs, he silenced her with a kiss. After the first-quarter numbers arrive during a meeting, it reveals that during Rick's time as president, sales plummeted due to his ideas. Turns out, the vasectomy cannot be undone, so he can't be the father to her baby. Caroline upset didn't want to tell him. Brooke is standing in the middle as she pushes Thomas off the cliff. Dayzee dumps Thomas for not not telling the truth before Stephanie, leaving him heartbroken. Thomas manipulated Danny into dropping a bombshell on Brooke in order to put a crack in her marriage to his father, Ridge (October 2019). Thomas had arrived at Forrester Creations to take Hope to her next honeymoon destination - an undisclosed location, via helicopter, although the pilot was experiencing severe delays in the San Diego area. Towards the end of the reception, Thomas pulled Flo aside and asked her to leave, to which Flo responded in anger about how wrong the marriage was, and that if Hope knew the secret, that it would all change. Thomas gets there, scaring Hope, and wanting to reunite the marriage. She shows up at the Forrester mansion and accuses the late Stephanie of betraying her family. Sally replies, "Spectra. This is a list of all known members of the Forrester family, both past and present, deceased and living. Steffy and Bill have a long history together on B&B. They showed small interest in each other, however Taylor was more involved with Ridge. A memorial service for Emma was held a few days later. Thomas returned shortly after. While Taylor was pregnant, Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester, wanted to claim Taylor's baby as his since Thorne was in love with Taylor, who was on the outs with Ridge. Liam followed him in there and asked if he was okay, before Douglas told Liam that Phoebe was Beth. Hospitalized after drinking a whole bottle of vodka (2003). Thomas arrives at her apartment and Caroline confides in him about how Ridge broke her heart. After seeing his wife enjoying time with baby Douglas and Thomas, Ridge decided to let her be free with her new family. Set his own sister to kiss Liam so Hope would broke up with him (January 2020). Thomas Hamilton Forrester is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful. He believed Rick was responsible for her death as he was driving when she was killed. Ridge and Taylor were divided by their marriage: Ridge wanted Thomas to annulled the marriage immediately while Taylor accepted the relationship. Tuesday, August 27 – Ridge Forrester Is Furious. After Liam told Hope that Beth is no longer with them and that she needs to try and move forward, Douglas told them that Beth is indeed alive. Steffy convinced Ridge to give Thomas his job back as co-designer with Caroline. Just a few months before the expected delivery, Taylor was infected with tuberculosis by a homeless man. At night, Caroline grabs something from the kitchen in The Forrester Mansion, where Thomas appears shirtless. Taylor's history has not been heavily focused on. I have used other terms that connote the same mindset – being the observer, double-tracking our experience – but the notion of helicoptering tickles my fancy best. Thomas then left for college, returning only for family events. When Taylor moved in with Eric at the mansion, Thomas moved into the beach house in Santa Monica and offered a room for Oliver as well. Since his plot to force Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) into marrying him, Thomas Forrester (Mathew Atkinson) has been MIA. Ivy feels complete guilt over what happened and is unable to tell Wyatt when he returns home the next morning, fearing she would lose him. But more importantly, he’s behaving differently. She and Liam then emotionally explained the entire story of what had happened, and confirmed that Douglas' claims were true, to a horrified Steffy. Devoted fans won’t be surprised by that reaction, based on the history of conflict between these characters. Hope and Douglas easily connected and bonded over their losses, with Hope believing that her daughter, Beth Spencer, was stillborn. After the funeral, Thomas explained to Ridge and Caroline that he will be staying permanently in L.A. While alone in an office room, Thomas began flirting with her, causing Ivy to become uncomfortable, but allows him to kiss her twice. Thomas snaps out of the dream and he finishes massaging her feet when Ridge arrives and Thomas and Caroline explain he came looking for Ridge who tore up his designs and he gave her a foot rub. Steffy thinks about telling the police but Thomas insists she keeps it a secret since she's not guilty and if she changes her story, she'll get arrested. Steffy teams up with Bill to get an engagement ring for Thomas so he could propose to Hope. Ridge agreed to make him part of the design team. Wyatt took it that Thomas was moving in on Sally and attempting to rekindle their romance, and while he later had words with Sally regarding this, forgave her after assessing her regret. Liam initially denied this entirely, but later accepted that this was true after sensing the truth in Douglas. B&B viewers will remember that Thomas had a serious head injury after he fell off the cliff at Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) house. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) will confront Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) when he learns details about Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) accident. Thomas asks Ridge and Caroline to spend some time with his son. Dayzee convinces Thomas that he should stand up to Stephanie and come clean to his parents before they go along with the wedding. Ridge stated even though he doesn't really want to, he's willing to have a child with her. During the showdown, Eric names Rick president, angering Thomas even more. Thomas and Hope discussed this incident and decided to marry in two days' time, for Douglas' sake. Thomas gets jealous of Steffy being handed over the position. Ridge is angry and asks what Thomas is to her, a friend, more than a friend, and Caroline bursts out that he's the father of her baby. Steffy broke down in tears. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, August 26 reveal that emotions will run high after Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) accident. Thomas sees Liam calling for Hope and encourages her to take a ride on the ATVs, but Hope eventually sees Liam. Steffy and Ridge were initially concerned but Wyatt backed her up and Thomas spoke up and agreed that Ivy would be better because people are still talking about the incident with Aly. Emma lost control and drove off the cliffside, into the ravine beneath. Thomas left town for college again and later began working for Forrester Internationals. Thomas fell after being pushed back by Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) in anger. Steffy informs Wyatt who breaks up with Ivy. She was killed in an automobile accident with Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) driving at the time, thrown out of the car into a ravine. Caroline is devastated and bursts out crying and leaves Ridge's apartment. Thomas returned to Los Angeles in 2009 to mourn the tragic death of his sister, Phoebe. The doctor tells her that her baby boy looks healthy. After reunite with Douglas, he, Hope and Douglas were having a family dinner at Thomas's apartment, where the mannequin is. This is a list of all known members of the Forrester family, both past and present, deceased and living. She then decides to get even with Brooke and her family by beginning a romance with Eric. Thomas reunites with Steffy to comfort her. Thomas Hamilton Forrester is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful. At one point, an ATV accident landed Steffy in … Take the helicopter view.One of Marc’s favorite phrases. https://theboldandthebeautiful.fandom.com/wiki/Thomas_Forrester?oldid=48622, 1998-2006, 2008-13, 2014, 2015-17, 2018, 2019-, Arrested for blowing up Rick's car. Caroline explains that on the night they broke up, a friend comforted her in her apartment. Thomas confronts Ivy and tells her to stay away from Steffy and that it's not her fault. After Caroline paid Thomas another visit at his loft, Sasha felt this was wrong and ended it with Thomas. Eric then offers a fashion showdown between Rick and Thomas and the winner will become president. Thomas returned in 2010 completely unaware of the changes that have happened in the last year. Flo had been heavily drinking and was visibly drunk, and decided that she should attend her cousin's wedding. When Brooke comes clean about her and Thomas eating those berries and completely unaware of what had happened while they were drugged, Thomas came in and tearfully confesses that he and Brooke slept with each other on the island. Liam relayed this information on to Steffy and to Wyatt, who both reassured Liam that it could be a simple clerical error. During a moment of consolation with Sally, Thomas revealed that he was not romantically involved with Caroline whilst in New York, and was simply co-parenting Douglas. The plan works, but Liam eventually discovers Hope and Thomas there and goes after them, leaving Steffy feel defeated. Thomas stated he actually wants to be part of the design team. Collapsed after suffering mental breakdown during his visit with Hope (December 2020). However, when the final results came out, all were stunned when Eric revealed that Forrester was being overwhelmingly flooded with orders, making the HFTF re-launch a major success. There had been many occasions where Thomas had proposed to Hope himself but was turned down each time. However, Sally Spectra, owner of Spectra Couture, hired him right away, not caring that he was young and inexperienced. First, Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) will make a gesture of peace. Caroline lies on the bed and is drunk and high and calls Thomas a good friend. (2012), Punched his father in the face. Emma was floored by this information, and after chastising Zoe and Xander for holding it, proceeded to search for Hope, with the intent of telling her about it. Emma ignored this, chastised Thomas and accused him of stalking Hope, and went to her car to drive to Hope's guest house at the Logan Mansion, where she figured Hope would be. Later on in 2010, Thomas develops his own fashion line "Taboo", involving himself and Brooke as main public promotional workers. Later on that year, Thomas began taking an interest in his adoptive step-sister, Hope. Thomas woke Douglas up and hid in the bathroom, where he heard Douglas scream and call for Hope. Soon, the position begins to go to Thomas' head and he begins to show off and throw his weight around, even telling Brooke that she is only a valued employee, not a Forrester. Caroline an Thomas reunited and left for New York together with Douglas to visit Caroline's moms. Thomas calls Caroline to ask if his designs will be good enough for the California Freedom line for Ridge. Thomas walks in on Caroline and Ridge's sonogram at the hospital. En 1987 ,au début de la série, on découvre Ridge Forrester, un jeune styliste talentueux. Thomas was surprised when Sally showed up at his hotel room and more surprised when Steffy zip-lined into her ceremony. Ridge asks if it's his son and Caroline confirms it to be the one. The kiss causes a huge buzz, making Taboo one of Forrester Creation's most successful line since Brooke's "Bedroom Line." Thomas openly discusses the matter at hand over a drink, to an inquisitive Sally. Currently, John McCook (Eric Forrester) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) are the two longest-running cast members, having appeared on the show when it first aired. He is currently portrayed by Matthew Atkinson. Return to Forrester Creations and Phoebe's Death. Flo confirmed the truth to a blindsided and flabbergasted Wyatt, and a not-so-much Liam. She is portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. The Forrester family is a family in the CBS Daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.The Forresters own and run the Los Angeles-based fashion house Forrester Creations.. However, when Wyatt and his mom Quinn have to go to San Francisco for the night for business, Ivy decides to spend the night at the Forrester mansion. Thomas whipped up a swimsuit line with Sally and had to reassure her when Caroline returned to town with Douglas. Caroline dumped Thomas and began working closely with Rick. Steffy Forrester, on the other hand, may understand that this was a true accident. During a heated altercation, Thomas shoves Rick out the window, horrifing Caroline that he would resort to physical violence and breaks up with Thomas and pursues Rick. Meanwhile, Thomas and Rick are both upset Eric didn't choose either of them. After several weeks in New York City, Thomas returned to L.A. the moment he heard that Spectra had burned to the ground and Sally had suffered minor smoke inhalation; Thomas expressed his love for Sally but said he still needed to be with Caroline and Douglas. Caroline eventually confessed the truth to Thomas, which lead to their brief return to L.A. on the heels of Bill's shooting - both of which as prime suspects. Having enough of always losing to the Logans, Thomas decided to move to Paris, upsetting Taylor. Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester (formerly Spencer) is a fictional character and has Emerged as one of Leads on the American soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Thomas and Hope are engaged in an arrangement that is teased to be deadly, according to the weekly promo clip. He attempted to talk Hope down and tell her that none of what Liam said was true, but became visibly agitated in the process. Caroline feels wrong but Thomas locks the doors and kisses her. Thomas finally tells off Stephanie and says he will expose the real truth. Hope and Liam shared a moment of joy on the rooftop. Caroline forgives Thomas and Thomas claims he's trying to change. At the time in which Carter requested anybody against the union to speak, Phoebe called "mama" to what appeared to be Hope, and crawled towards her. Ridge arrived at the Forrester Mansion in the middle of Thomas kissing Charlotte. Liam read over Phoebe's birth certificate and called the hospital in which it was stated that Flo gave birth at. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS.It first aired on March 23, 1987. Later on, they begin feeling the effects of the berries as it causes them to have strange hallucinations and causes aphrodisiac.